Boeing 747 Project

“The sound barrier was meant to be broken and man shall plant a flag on the moon. Modern day aircraft performance shall be increased, however, at a fraction of those costs. In 2014, Cilajet Aerospace pushed the edge of the envelope and committed an aggressive vertical move by applying Cilajet aircraft sealer to this 747-200 in a real test flight series. Not only do the aesthetics of the before and after pictures show the known amazing restoration and shine that Cilajet aircraft detailing products provide, the test results yielded a much anticipated modern day sonic boom; conclusive proof that for this 747-200, a 1.6% fuel savings and over $40,000 per month fuel savings for the operator was achieved setting a benchmark that only Cilajet Aerospace has ever documented. When you want real fuel savings, paint protection, paint lifecycle extension, reduced carbon footprint and appearance protection all of which reduce your operating costs while environmentally friendly, Cilajet is the aerospace industry leader. Welcome to the next flight level.”



*Actual untouched photos