Air Creebec

In September 2014, Cilajet aircraft paint protection proudly completed the first aircraft sealant application to an Air Creebec Dash 8-100 and is the starting point of applying Cilajet Aircraft Sealer to the entire fleet consisting of: Beechcraft 1900 D, Dash 8-100, Dash 8-300,Beechcraft King Air 100, and Hawker 748 series aircraft. Air Creebec is based in Canada and dates back to 1979. They have earned a reputation as a serious, reliable airline which takes extreme pride in the appearance of their aircraft.

With great review of many appearance and performance products available in today’s marketplace, Cilajet aircraft detailing products were selected as the product of choice for Air Creebec’s appearance protection program. The aircraft are subjected to harsh Canadian winters and the pictures simply speak for themselves with the aircraft paint now fully protected from the rigors of winter and all other environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays, corrosion and oxidization ultimately extending the shine and life cycle of the aircraft paint for years all while reducing the operating cost for frequent cleaning!

*Actual untouched photos