Cilajet Aerospace Paint Protection – Care Instructions.

Congratulations on your decision to purchase the Cilajet Aerospace Paint Protection System for your aircraft! Your Cilajet application will allow you to spend less time keeping your aircraft clean and shiny, but please take a few minutes to review the care instructions below.


Materials needed to hand wash your aircraft are available at any specialty detailing aviation parts store, and most department stores that carry washing supplies. We recommend using a micro-fiber wash mitt, a tire/wheel brush for washing, and a “California Blade” (squeegee) or a micro-fiber shammy towel for drying. You might also consider purchasing an inexpensive bug sponge to help remove bird droppings, tree sap, or bug residue that has been left on the aircraft more than a few days. While Cilajet protects your paint from damage by those chemicals, you should wash them off as soon as possible to enable easy removal.

You should always use a detergent that is formulated for washing aircraft, never use dishwashing or laundry detergents. Aircraft washing solutions will rinse off easily, it will not build up soapy residue, and it will not work against the Cilajet application. Most any quality aircraft washing is safe. Whatever brand of aircraft wash soap you use should not contain wax. You do not need the wax component of aircraft wash soap, and after repeated use these waxes can build up on your paint, which will actually reduce the shine. For the wheels, use the same detergent that you wash the body with. Never use high strength or caustic wheel cleaners. They are not necessary to remove brake dust or dirt. You will save money by not purchasing them, and will also reduce the amount of harmful chemicals entering our water supply.

You should always rinse the aircraft from the top down to remove most of the dirt particles before you begin washing, and always wash from the top down and clean the wheels last. Using this method reduces the chances of getting large particles of grime into your wash mitt that can scratch your paint. Whenever possible, use the squeegee or micro-fiber towel to dry your aircraft. Cilajet will protect the finish from damage caused by water spots, but if you do not dry the finish you may see some spotting. This is caused by dust in the air, pollen, or sometimes minerals in the water. These spots should easily wash off, but again you can prevent them by drying the surfaces thoroughly.


There is no need to wax your aircraft when it is protected with Cilajet Aero. If you choose to apply wax, we recommend using a pure Carnuba paste wax such as Meguiar’s Gold Class Pure Carnuba. Apply by hand using a micro-fiber or foam applicator, remove with a micro-fiber towel only (not a terrycloth towel). You should never use any pre-softened, liquid, or spray wax; this includes the “nano” or “polymer” varieties (as they contain petroleum distillates that can compromise the protection Cilajet is providing to your finish).

Thank you,
The Cilajet Team